12FT Dace Pro Angler Olive Green Camo Fishing Kayak


Dace Pro Angler 12FT provides considerable space for storage inside the hull which can hold swivel rods, fishing gear, batteries for fish finders, extra paddles, anchors, and a trolley to tow the kayak. It has a rudder system that provides more safety when you try to turn around or change direction. The hull coupled with a modular fishing rod holder makes this a great choice for coastal sea or inland fishing trips.

The following accessories are included in the price:

  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Back seat rest
  • 1 Buoyancy aid

SKU : DF-12FT-Olive-Green-Camo

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Parts including:
2 x Bow & Stern carrying handle
4 x D-shape button
1 x Drain plug
8 x Rubber Stopper
1 x Oval seal hatch
1 x Modular fishing pod
2 x Side carrying handle
1 x 1.5m Black bungee
2 x Flush rod holder
2 x Foot Rest
1 x Rudder


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Length: 363cm
Width: 78cm
Height: 35cm
Weight: 31kg
Capacity: 200kg

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