Aluminum Kayak Canoe Roller


Aluminum Kayak Canoe Roller


Name: Suction Wheel
Material: aviation aluminum tube + foam jacket
Product size: length 76cm (29 inches) * height 22cm (8.7 inches)
Suction cup diameter: 11.8cm

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Use to Mount Kayaks and Canoes on Most Vehicles Using the Suction Cups on Car Tops or Glass with 2 Different Mounting Angles.
Closed Cell Foam Gently Cradles Boat During Loading and Unloading to Prevent Scratches.
Aluminum Bars and Strong Suction Cups Mount Reliably to Car Tops or Car Glass.
Offers a Quick, Easy Solution for a Single Person to Load a Boat to a Car Top.
Size: L 76cm(29in)* H 22cm(8.7in), Allows you to use on almost all vehicles.

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