Kayak Canoes Surf Ski Stand

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Kayak Canoes Surf Ski Stand


Weight 0.9KG each

Height 42CM

Width 42 CM

SKU : SLS-Stand-2



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Our kayak storage stands are made from high-quality aluminum, soft rubber padding and a flexible nylon strap. They’re sold as a pair, can hold up to 46kg and require no assembly. They’re lightweight, strong, easy to use and affordable!

  • WHO ARE OUR KAYAK STANDS FOR? – Are you tired of storing your kayak on the garage floor or on the ground on the side of your shed? Maybe you’re going on a canoe or kayaking trip and you want a temporary way to keep your boat off the rough, rocky ground. Regardless of the situation, our portable stands fold up small and are super easy to use
  • HOW DO THEY WORK? – Our kayak racks stand at 42cm tall and put your boat at a reasonable height for casual maintenance or storage. Simply fold open,  and place your boat on top. They work perfectly when cleaning, rigging or working on your watercraft. They’re also the perfect storage solution for keeping your expensive investment off the ground!
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