Kayak Cover


Kayak Cover


  • Material: 201D Oxford
  • Suitable for: Kayak length less than 13ft
  • Function: Kayak protection
  • Opened out 3.3 Meter- Stretched out to max 4.4 Meter

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  • UV Resistant Waterproof Kayak Cover: Our kayak cover is excellent for off-season storage, and Universal Kayak Cover can be used as a quick cover for kayak canoe paddleboard. Our Waterproof kayak cover can protect against damaging built-up, sun and rain damage. Protect your boat on the beach or in the backyard.
  •  UV resistant Kayak cover goes on and off easily and stays in place, great investment for preventing bugs and spiders from crawling in and surprising us during water trips.
  • Easy to Use:Easy to operate without the need for any other tools.Prolonging the life & look of your beloved kayak. This outdoor waterproof kayak storage cover is light and easily folded and packed; very durable to prevent sun & snow & rain & dust damage; excellent for any sort of undisturbed storage.
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