10 FT Kayak Glide 1 + 1 Sit on Kayak For 1 Adult + Child – Blue/White Mix

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10 FT Kayak Glide 1 + 1 Sit on Kayak For 1 Adult + Child – Blue/White Mix



  • This kayak is designed for one adult and one child use.
    Molded-in drinking bottle holder.
    Bow & stern carrying handles.
    Seal hatch.
    Adjustable footrest.
    Rubber stoppers.
    Paddle keeper.
    Large rear cargo area.
    Mold-in side carry handles.

The Glide 1 + 1 is a stable versatile platform that has room to bring a small passenger in front of the paddler.

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The  Glide is one of the best All Round kayaks we have ever tested here at Ishkasports, we loved its stability, giving you the confidence to have fun whilst keeping safe.
The unique + sit-on kayak is the ultimate all-rounder and perfect fishing companion. The Glide is a stable, comfortable and fast sit-on kayak, which offers fantastic performance in all locations.
Ideal for the sea, lakes, rivers and estuaries, it’s also maneuverable enough to have plenty of fun in the surf and glides extremely well through calm water.
Entirely unique to the Glide kayak is the second child seat in front of the paddler and enables a smaller person or child to accompany an adult out on the water; alternatively, for your dog or just additional storage


Length: 305cm
Width: 80cm
Height: 40cm
Weight: 21.5kg
Capacity: 160kg

1 paddle
1 back seat rest
2 buoyancy aid


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