Men’s Long Sleeve Wetsuit 3mm – Blue


Men’s Long Sleeve Wetsuit 3mm – Blue


Ideal entry-level value driven wetsuit; perfect for swimming, surfing, paddle sports, kayaking, lake activities, and beach days

Backzip system provides easy entry and exit with a water-resistant closure.

Ultra-stretch neoprene: incredibly soft premium material has superior feel, flexibility, and elevates performance.

Wind-resistant Smoothskin provides extra insulation and protection against the cold.

Suggested Water Temperature: 12 – 17 c°

Wetsuit Care
After every use, rinse out your wetsuit with fresh water and hang it up to dry.
Don’t hang it on wire hangers or in direct sunlight for an extended period of time.
Don’t machine wash or use a dryer.
Don’t dry clean or use chemicals.
Don’t iron.
Keep away from sharp objects.
Keep your wetsuit in a cool and dry place.

SKU : WSL3mm-Blue

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