10FT Mini Dace Pro Angler Camo Green Fishing Kayak


Dace Pro Angler 10ft

Our Dace Pro Angler 10ft is a perfect combination of speed, stability, maneuverability and straight-line tracking. the standard center console provides a great storage option for all your small fishing accessories.

Length: 310cm
Width: 76cm
Height: 38cm
Weight: 24kg
Capacity: 170kg

The following accessories are included in the price:

  • 1 Paddle
  • 1 Back seat rest
  • 1 Buoyancy aid

SKU: MDF-10FT- Camo Green

Out of stock

2 x Bow & Stern carrying handle
4 x D-shape button
1 x Drain plug
6 x Rubber Stopper
1 x Oval seal hatch
1 x Modular fishing pod
2 x Side carrying handle
1 x 1.5m Black bungee
4 x Flush rod holder
2 x Foot Rest
1 x Rudder

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