Neoprene Gloves 3mm (Open Water)


Neoprene Gloves 3mm (Open Water)


Available Size: S, M, L, XL. Please see size chart for measurement.

Constructed with 3mm soft and flexible premium neoprene material. Comfortable and warm material reduces the loss of hand temperature effectively, keep warm.

The wetsuit gloves are made of 3mm premium composite material of neoprene and nylon, eco-friendly, high-elastic, has a remarkable thermal insulation performance and a long life span. They can effectively slow down the hand’s temperature loss and protect your hands from hurting by some sharp objects.

These neoprene gloves’ glued and blind stitching can slow down water leaking into them and enhance their durability. 

NOTE: Wetsuit gloves are designed to keep your hands warm, not dry, when they are used in, on, or around water.


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S, M, L, XL

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