Heavy Duty Straps 2.5cm x 3m


Heavy Duty Straps 2.5cm x 3m


Heavy Duty Straps ideal for kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards

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  • Set of 2 3 meter straps with solid clips, 1″ (25 mm) Wide high quality polyester webbing fibers.
  • The cam buckle is fast and easy to use and includes a quick-release thumb button, eliminating the need to spend time tying and untying unreliable knots.
  • Clamping Lock Quick Release straps,Convenient and fast, very durable.
  • Great for general use cargo tie down where a hook is not needed.
  • The cam tie down Strap allows you to secure all loads such as confidence – kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, motorcycles, equipment, wood, furniture and appliances.
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