Surfing Deck Pad


Surfing Deck Pad


Surfboard traction pad, strong adhesive and non-skid
Soft and durable, corrosion resistance, not absorbent, damp-proof and water-resistant
Shock absorption, make you safer while surfing
Lightweight, easy to carry and take it with you on surfing
Suitable for surfing, longboard, skimboarding, surfboard, skimboard, paddleboard, shortboard and so on


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Foot grip is perfectly sufficient for most surfers. Shortboarders are advised to combine a conventional EVA pad for the rear foot, with the no-wax pad for the front foot. In cold water, use booties for a better grip on the pad. however, the wax will provide a better grip for short boarders doing large maneuvers
soft and non-abrasive to the touch. A top or wetsuit are strongly recommended
No problems with wax related to the temperature of the water No problems with wax that sticks to the bag No problems with dirty boards No wax in the ocean
To maintain the properties of your non-slip kit over time, the pads must be applied to a new or a perfectly dewaxed or degreased surfboard. Do not apply at temperatures below 20°C. The surface of the board must be flat and uniform. Let sit a minimum of 2 hours before going in the water. We recommend that you round off the points of the triangular parts to get them to stick better.

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